As the fruits begin to ripen on the trees and the bright fiery days of summer turn softer and light is more yellow, the flowers begin to look drab as these are the first signs of decline. There is a sweetness in the air during Earth; a time to rejoice in the fullness and take in the nourishment that is abound. It is important to take in this nourishment as it will be a long way to make it through Autumn and Winter.  In the body the Stomach and Spleen are the Earth Element.  The Stomach is all about processing, digestion, and analysis.  The Spleen is responsible for transportation and thought.  As we take in the nutrients from our food, we need to break them down and take them where they need to go.  The Stomach and Spleen do this for us on all levels.  They work closely together digesting, everything from our food, to our thoughts, to our emotions.

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