As the accelerated growth of the tree’s leaves in spring leads to a canopy from which all can take shelter in summer, the directed movement of Wood gives rise to a time of celebration in Fire. It is a time to stop doing so much and start “being” more and a time to connect with others.  Fire is about love and is found in the Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, and a functionary- the Triple Heater, all of which, express love collectively for the Fire Element in their own unique way.  The heart gives us the ability to love.  The Small Intestine, just as it sorts pure from impure in the body, sorts whom we should love for the Heart.  The Small Intestine decides whom we should let in to our most precious inner world.  The Pericardium controls how we love and the Triple Heater is the bodies’ thermostat, responsible for creating harmony, or not, with love.  

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